The Doula Benefit

What is a Doula?

A doula is a non-medical, professional who is  trained in childbirth and the immediate postpartum stage. She provides emotional, physical, and informational support to women who are in labor or in the postpartum stage. The doula’s purpose is to help the woman and her partner experience a safe, calm, and empowering birth by offering unconditional physical and emotional support.


What Can a Doula Do For Me?

The doula-client relationship begins during the pregnancy. You and your doula will develop a very close relationship via phone calls, texts, and in-person meetings. In pregnancy, a doula will meet with you and your partner to go over your birth plan and to offer relaxation techniques to be used during labor. Additionally, a doula is available to listen to and support you via text or phone calls throughout the pregnancy.

In labor, a doula will stay by your side offering continuous support throughout the labor and delivery. A doula will help with laboring positions, relaxation and breathing techniques, and help guide the partner into taking a more active role if he so desires. After the birth of your baby, a doula will stay with you for at least one hour postpartum to continue supporting you in any way she can.