When my husband and I first met Stacie, we instantly connected. It seemed like she and I were on the same page with the entire birth plan. She proved that she really cared about me and my baby because she wanted updates after every appointment. That helped her get closer to us because she stayed up to speed on what was happening with me and my body. Stacie came to our house at 3 o’clock in the morning and immediately helped by rubbing my back and giving different suggestions to aid the process. She was elemental in telling us when to leave for the hospital because both my husband I and wanted to leave sooner but her experience told us to labor more at home. That was crucial because laboring at home is much more comfortable than a hospital. We labored in the bath the last part of being at home which she knew would either speed up labor or slow it down. We left soon after getting out of the bath. When we got to the hospital, I was 7.5 cm and Stacie kept encouraging me that I was doing well and that my body was made for giving birth. I labored at the hospital for 5 hours and Stacie did not leave my side the entire time. We tried different positions, counter preasure and the shower but found that standing worked best for me. She even stayed for quite a while after giving birth, just to make sure my needs were being met.


I would highly recommend Stacie to anyone who is going through labor. She was with me every step of the way and I honestly feel like I would have had a much harder time without her being there. Her experience shined and her compassion was second to none.

Lydia’s Testimonial