Does God Really Answer Our Prayers?

Unanswered prayers. Sometimes it seems as though we have more prayers that go unanswered, or aren’t answered the way we wanted, than we do prayers that are answered exactly as we wished. Why? Does God not care? Is He too busy to hear us? Is He unable to figure out how to answer our prayers? … Continue reading Does God Really Answer Our Prayers?

Pregnancy After Loss: Overcoming Anxiety

If you regularly read this blog, then you may remember that I suffered through my second miscarriage back in June. Well, six weeks later I got the surprise of my life: a positive pregnancy test! Even though I was thrilled to once again be expecting, I emotionally did not feel ready. I was still trying … Continue reading Pregnancy After Loss: Overcoming Anxiety

Speak Up

Justice is most clearly measured by our treatment of the most helpless.  All across our great nation there are people fighting for change and equality. We as a nation are crying out against racial, gender, and sexual inequality like never before. We demand justice, but are we demanding it for those who literally are helpless … Continue reading Speak Up