Don’t Believe Everything You See on Social Media

Today I took 5 kids to the zoo. By myself. I was babysitting for a friend and decided to get the kids out of the house for a fun outing at the zoo. I snapped some pictures of the kids at the zoo and shared them on social media. Immediately I was seeing comments like, … Continue reading Don’t Believe Everything You See on Social Media

How Did I Get Here?

I am currently in the play room, typing this on my son's computer while sitting precariously on the toy box that I've turned into a make-shift chair. The same computer he built with his dad, and that his 2 year old sister then proceeded to draw all over the monitor with crayon. Gunnar is watching … Continue reading How Did I Get Here?


Yesterday was a great day. I’m talking the kind of day where everything seems to go perfectly, and you end the day feeling victorious and like you’ve got this whole parenting thing figured out. Today, was not that day. Screaming, fighting, talking back...and that was all before 9 a.m! My kids lost both playground and … Continue reading TGIF