Homeschooling: Getting Ready for the Year

It’s the middle of July, and that can only mean one thing: Back to School season is upon us! If you’ve been to Target or Wal-Mart lately, you’ve no doubt seen the shelves lined with every school product imaginable. I thought I would write a few posts, explaining how we are preparing for the upcoming school year, our curriculum choices, and what a typical school schedule looks like for us.

We started homeschooling in 2016 when Gunnar was 4 years old. However, this is an exciting year for us as we will now have 2 kids in school! Gunnar is going into first grade, and Jana is starting pre-kindergarten. We will also be starting our second year of Classical Conversations, but this year Jana will be in the program and I will be a tutor for one of the classes. This year has a lot of firsts to it, but we are all excited for the changes!

Right now I’m prepping by getting the curriculum ordered, stocking up on pencils and notebook paper, and making a list of books to get from the library. I have most of the curriculum already in hand; there are still a few more things to purchase, but we could easily get started with what we have.


I purchased this whiteboard from Wal-Mart. I plan on printing out the topic sentences each week and using the magnets to hang them up. I also plan on displaying our timeline around the whiteboard.


I used this cart to store all of our homeschool curricula. Each drawer is organized by person, making it easy to find what I need. This cart fits nicely inside our front hall closet. It’s the perfect place for our materials: out of sight but with easy access. The majority of our schoolwork is done either at the kitchen table, or while snuggled up on the couch, so this system works well for us.


Gunnar’s drawer includes his curriculum for the 3 R’s-reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. These are the subjects I will be doing independently with him while his sisters are playing or napping.


Jana’s drawer has a few readiness workbooks and a phonics curriculum. She is so excited to learn! She is enthusiastic about learning letter sounds this year and “being a reader like Gunnar!”

The last drawer includes the materials that Gunnar and Jana will be doing together. This includes Bible/Character Development and Classical Conversations, which is the bulk of our curriculum.

How are you preparing for the upcoming school year? Be sure to come back to get an inside look at the curriculum we’ll be using with the kids this year!

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