Feeding a Large Family a (Mostly) Organic Diet on a Budget

Maybe I’m weird (ok, I know I am!) but I love reading about how other families do daily activities such as grocery shopping, organization, schooling, etc. Today was grocery day, so I thought I’d share what we buy on a typical week.

I usually do my grocery shopping at either Aldi or Walmart. I LOVE Aldi’s low prices and great selection. But as a mom of 4, I also really love Wal-Mart’s grocery pick-up. There’s nothing better than showing up at the store and having someone there waiting to load your groceries in your car! If you’ve never used Wal-Mart pickup, you can use this link we’ll both get $10 off our next order.


Before I do my grocery shopping, I first shop from my pantry. This just means taking inventory of what I already have on hand and determining what meals I can prepare with the food already available. This way I know exactly what I need and don’t end up with duplicate items. I don’t do a lot of baking, so I didn’t need items like flour or sugar, and my seasonings are pretty well stocked. I usually will make a special trip just for baking/seasoning items when I see we’re running low. 

As a whole, I try to provide healthy foods- and I really try to stay clear of foods with high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes-but I am not completely against “fun” foods like macaroni and cheese or hot dogs. As long as it’s not the norm, and it’s paired with a fruit or veggie, I’m ok with my kids having it once a week. Motherhood is all about balance, after all 🙂



This week I picked up fish (flounder and cod), free-range chicken breasts, free range chicken tenders, pork chops, and hot dogs. Joel and the kids are planning to camp out in the backyard this weekend, and hot dogs cooked over an open fire taste pretty good! Altogether, this meat will last us close to 2 weeks.


I just love the fresh produce available during the summer months! This week I picked up organic strawberries, organic bananas, oranges, organic spinach, organic grape tomatoes, and organic bell peppers. The fruit will only last us a few days, but it’s worth it seeing my kids snack on foods that are good for them and keep them healthy. I always buy a big container of spinach because I usually have a spinach-based smoothie every morning for breakfast. The kids love drinking smoothies too, and it’s an easy way to sneak some veggies into their diet without them knowing it! We will either put the peppers and tomatoes in a salad, or we’ll just enjoy them as a snack.

Pantry items:

This week I picked up 2 loaves of wheat bread, hot dog buns, and items needed for s’mores (can’t camp without s’mores!) For breakfast, I bought organic Cheerios and whole-grain frozen waffles. I am not a morning person, so I prefer quick breakfasts that my kids can make themselves! I also got Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, and sugar-free strawberry jelly. And of course, can’t forget the popsicles. I’m pretty sure this is my kids’ favorite purchase 🙂 And I love that OutShine popsicles are made from real fruits and vegetables and contain no artificial dyes!


In all, this grocery trip cost a little over $100 and will last us about a week. Not bad, considering the size of our family and the amount of organic and/or real foods purchased.

Have you ever used Walmart pickup? What are the grocery must-haves for your family?

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