Essential Oils: Our Family’s Experience

My family is now on our fourth month of using essential oils. I wanted to share a little about why we chose to add essential oils into our daily routine, and our experience with them thus far.


After my miscarriage in June, I was in need of emotional and physical support. I first started with diet-I eliminated (or came close to getting rid of) a lot of the processed foods and artificial dyes. I was focused more on clean eating, fruits and vegetables, and buying organic, non-GMO products whenever possible. I could tell a difference in my physical and emotional state within a week of eating better. I was excited to continue with this new lifestyle change, but felt like there was more I could be doing. At this point, I had been researching and praying about using essential oils, and decided now was as good a time as any to jump in! Within just a couple weeks of receiving my first order (the premium starter kit) my whole family was on board and finding support through the use of oils.

Some of our family favorites include: Thieves, Digize, Lavender, Copiaba, and Peppermint.

Thieves is an essential blend that offers immune support (great for the winter months!) A couple weeks ago all 3 kids came down with fevers. Gunnar’s was the worst—at noon his fever was at 103.9 degrees. I applied one drop of Thieves to the bottom of his foot every 2-3 hours. 2 hours later, his fever was down to 100 degrees, and by 7 pm he had no fever. He woke up the next morning saying he was feeling better. Based on how energetic he was that day, it wasn’t hard to believe him!


I used Thieves in the same way for the girls and had similar results. Thieves is a must-have in our household for supporting our immune system!

Digize is another blend that I won’t be without! It includes fennel and ginger oils, among others, giving it a strong earthy smell. But it works SO well! Digize supports the digestive system. It’s perfect for those times when your meal doesn’t sit well with you (now I can eat the spicy food and enjoy it too! A lifesaver during pregnancy!) I also rub a drop on my kids’ tummies when they’re in need of some additional support.

Lavender is a popular oil, thanks to its relaxing aroma. I am the most low-energy person you’ve probably ever met. And yet I have so far managed to birth the most energetic bunch of kids you’ve ever seen. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lavender in the diffuser is my go-to when I need everyone to calm down. I also put a drop on everyone’s pillows/blankets at night to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Considering my kids all sleep 10-11 hours at night, I’d say it works pretty well!

Copiaba is great for supporting the muscular system. I will put a drop on my kids when they are having growing pains, and will use it myself on mornings when I have slept wrong and need some fast relief.

I mentioned before that I’m a low-energy person. Add in being pregnant, and the fatigue is through the roof. This is where Peppermint comes in. I apply it topically when I need a quick pick-me-up. It gives me a burst of energy, without reaching for the coffee pot.

So that’s our journey with essential oils so far. I do want to add, all the oils I use are from Young Living. They offer organic therapeutic-grade oils and do several rigorous tests on all their oils. They are a company of integrity and have been around for over two decades. There are a lot of oil companies out there, but Young Living is the only one I would trust to use on my small children, and during pregnancy.

So that’s our oily story. Do you use essential oils in your family?

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