What Moms of Littles Really Want for Mother’s Day

Ok, Dads. This one is for you! Mother’s Day is fast approaching so I thought I would offer a gift guide for what Moms of Littles really want this Sunday.

1. Pamper Her

When you’re a mom of young children, there’s not much time to pamper yourself. So any gift you can give your wife that allows her to be pampered is going to be greatly appreciated. Set up a hair appointment for her. Arrange for her to get her nails done. Money tight? A new candle and lavender scented bubble bath can give her the tranquility she’s desperately needing right in her very own bathroom. Just be sure to keep the kids from barging in/pounding on the door.

2. Hire a Sitter

Now here’s the key to this one: Arrange for the sitter to watch them somewhere else. This allows Mom to spend those few precious hours however she chooses. She can take a nap, make a Target run, re-organize the pantry–whatever floats her boat. And she can do it all without constant interruptions.

3. Homemade Crafts

Ok Dads, I know a lot of you are wary when it comes to fingerpaints and small children, but just trust me: Knowing that you took the time and initiative to capture your baby’s footprint on canvas, or helped your toddler draw a Mommy and Me picture is going to be worth more than any card or monetary gift. Because for all the sleepless nights and tantrums and pull-your-hair-out-days, we really do love this season of life. We also know it will be gone too soon, and having something tangible to hold onto makes time passing just a little more bearable.

P.S. Skip the flowers. Some days it’s all we can do to keep the tiny humans alive. We don’t need to worry about watering plants on top of it.

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