New App Idea

Ok, so we’ve all seen the ads for Chatbooks and Uber. And most likely 95% of us have already downloaded one or both of the apps. So here’s my question: This is 2017. Where in the heck is the cleaning app?!

I mean, for crying in a bucket…how is it we can stream live television and “age” pictures of ourselves…..but there’s no cleaning app? Is this real life?

I imagine it could work something like this: Each room of your house is entered in the cleaning app. When the room is clean, the status is 😊. As it gets messy, you change the status to 😐. When you change it to 😩, a cleaning service is at your home within the hour to clean that particular room. Use it every week, or save it for when company is coming over. Up to you.

Yes, it would be a bit pricier than most apps, but I don’t know a mom on this earth that wouldn’t willingly pay for something like that.

Because you want to know what cleaning is really like for a mom?

Got my kitchen and bathroom cleaned! Go me!

Oh shoot. Kids were left unattended.


Finally got the playroom cleaned! Now I can relax!


Nope. The toddler just gave herself a bath and decided to put a little lipstick on afterward.


I know, I know. I should be having the kids clean with me, so they learn to be productive, hard-working members of society. Well that sounds great and all, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible–and it’s rarely enjoyable. (If you enjoy cleaning with the under 5 crowd I’ll go ahead and assume right now that you’re a grandma).

But a cleaning app? Well, that could be revolutionary! Ok entrepreneurs, get on it. But I get the patent.


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