Pregnancy and the Common Cold-How to Find Relief

It's the middle of winter, and at least in my area of the country cold and flu season has officially begun. I have had many colds while pregnant and wanted to share some of my go-to natural remedies for the common cold while pregnant. 1. Honey Honey is great for soothing a sore throat. It … Continue reading Pregnancy and the Common Cold-How to Find Relief

New App Idea

Ok, so we've all seen the ads for Chatbooks and Uber. And most likely 95% of us have already downloaded one or both of the apps. So here's my question: This is 2017. Where in the heck is the cleaning app?! I mean, for crying in a is it we can stream live television … Continue reading New App Idea

Speak Up

Justice is most clearly measured by our treatment of the most helpless.  All across our great nation there are people fighting for change and equality. We as a nation are crying out against racial, gender, and sexual inequality like never before. We demand justice, but are we demanding it for those who literally are helpless … Continue reading Speak Up