Embracing Christmas

Happy December! I have always loved this time of year. It’s always seemed so magical and festive. But now that I’m a mother it also seems so stressful and complicated. I want to give my kids the perfect Christmas. I want to share both old and new traditions with them, all while making sure they understand the real reason for Christmas.


And that leaves me feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. Baking cookies, decorating the house, seeing Christmas lights, making gingerbread houses, Christmas shopping, and a whole month of ornament-making advent. And that doesn’t even include our everyday activities. Therapy, Bible study, babysitting, grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc. And when we don’t get to an activity, or it doesn’t go exactly as planned, I get upset. I really try not to, but the first-born perfectionist in me always seems to come out full-force this time of year. And when we end up 4 days behind on the advent, the kids eat the cookies as they are decorating, or they don’t care to watch the Christmas movie I’ve chosen for family movie night, I end up questioning why I even try in the first place.


Thats why I was so thankful when my husband put a video together highlighting some of our Christmas activities. Watching it helped remind me that our kids don’t need a different holiday-themed activity each day or a new tradition each year. That they just need time with us. Time talking and laughing and drinking hot cocoa for no reason at all. They don’t need an elf, or dozens of perfectly decorated cookies, or tons of gifts under a tree. Those are all wonderful ways to celebrate, but what our kids really need instead is a parent waiting with open arms to share a store-bought cookie and talk about the most amazing gift ever sent to us-the birth of Jesus.

There are still 11 days left until Christmas. I’m going to ditch the Christmas to-do list and try to simply embrace these moments I have with the kids. After all, they will only be this age once. If the kids want to make ornaments, or mail Christmas cards, or play in the snow I will try to let go of my desire to have everything be perfect, and instead embrace these moments for what they are: a magical time full of love and grace.


I hope you all enjoy this Christmas video that my husband put together. I’m always so thankful that we will have these photos and videos to look back on years from now. I hope it brings a smile to your heart this holiday season. Merry Christmas, friends!


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