The 5 Types of Moms You See at the Playground

If you’re a mother of a child under age six you understand how glorious it is when the weather is warm enough for outside play. My kids spend nearly every day during the months of April-October playing at a local playground. It’s a great way for my children to run off all that energy and get some fresh air. Naptime afterward is a huge perk as well. Spending so many hours at the playground I can’t help but notice the 5 different types of moms.


The Fitness Mom

This mom is easy to spot, because she often travels in a large group. The fitness mom meets up with other moms to workout at the park while the kids play. They do cardio and strength exercises before putting their child in a jogging stroller and going for a run. These moms have a lot of energy and seem like a lot of fun. However, they don’t separate from the pack, so if you’ve never run a day in your life there’s a good chance you won’t be making any new friends here. Instead, if you’re like me you watch the fun while sitting on a bench drinking an iced coffee.

The Perfectly Polished Mom

From her skinny jeans to her professionally manicured nails, this mom has it all figured out. Her children are equally as well-dressed (no ripped pants or unbrushed hair here!) Her diaper bag is loaded with anything a child could ever want or need. She engages with her children, but is careful to give them their space too. Her kids play happily until it’s time to leave; they never misbehave. She is the mom you desperately want to be friends with. How does she look so good? How are her kids so well-behaved? What are her secrets to motherhood success? But she’s also intimidating so you find yourself giving a quick smile hello and moving on before she can see the circles under your eyes.

The Helicopter Mom

This mom does not leave their child’s side. They are right there to make sure nothing happens to their toddler. While all moms want their child to be safe, these moms take it to the extreme. Monkey bars are a no-no and they go down the slide with their preschooler to make sure they don’t go too fast. You rarely see this mom at the playground with more than one mobile child alone. It’s just too difficult without help. This is the mom that gives me the stink eye when I yell across the playground “you’re ok, get up!” after my child trips over their own feet.

The Grandma

Grandmas are easy to spot because they’re the adults who are playing on the playground equipment with their little loves and enjoying every minute. They happily follow the toddler from one thing to another, all with a spring to their step and a smile on their face. They are friendly and easy to talk to, often engaging other moms in quick conversation before happily going off to push little Susie on the swing once more. You can’t help but smile when you see a grandparent at the playground.

The Relaxed Mom

This mom brings her kids (she always has at least two) to the playground simply so she can have some peace and quiet. She finds a bench and stays there until she’s ready to go back home. As long as she can see her kids and they aren’t doing anything too dangerous, she lets them be. Her kids are the loudest and full of energy. Occasionally she will have to remind her child not to slide down the outside of the tunnel slide, but for the most part she doesn’t interfere. If she’s with a friend she spends the day chatting away and enjoying adult conversation. If she’s alone then she spends the time in silence, save for shouts of encouragement as her child attempts to finally get to the top of the rock climbing wall. She has a lot of respect for all the other types of moms as she simply just doesn’t have the energy to do all that they do.

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